Tricks to make proof-reading easier

downloadOne of the hardest things for editors and proof-readers to pick up are those words which often get interchanged. Because when we read through text in order, our brains will often correct mistakes as we go.

A good way for the writer to pick these things up and iron them out before the proof-read is to use the software package’s “find and replace” tool. Develop your own list of words you know are a problem for you… It might be there/their/they’re, or affect/effect. There may also be punctuation foibles that keep cropping up for you… I know that I usually write out “He had” and “she would” in long-hand, and when I have finished a contemporary book, I try to check every instance to see whether it would read better if I abbreviated some more of them. Yes, it is boring, but it doesn’t take THAT long, and most importantly, it definitely improves the read when these things are ironed out.

I found the following article useful – it has a great set of suggestions for things we should all check for…


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