Not so Singled Out after all: A lesson learned

Another great post by Julie Lawford. I’ve had the same problem with my second book ‘Lie to me’. But I loved the title – it was just the right one for the book. The story was called ‘Lie to me’ right from the beginning. Later on I tried to come up with something different/better, but just couldn’t.

In the end, I think it is something to be aware of, but we can’t always base our decisions on whether someone else came up with the same title first. After all, there are SO MANY books out there!

My first feedback on one of my early books ‘The Art of Seduction’ (which was about an artist, and seduction) was that the name was too common. Sigh. I must say, it did put me off for a bit, and I am still trying to think of a better title… (It is not published yet). Mind you, that beta-reader also didn’t like the name of my heroine (Cara is “so common”) my hero (“every other hero is called Cameron”). In the end, you have to be aware of these things (and not all perspectives are true!) and chose what you think works best for the story.

I have another problem with one of my books set in the French Revolution. It is called ‘Temptation’, or perhaps ‘Sophie’s Temptation’. Not very original I’m afraid, but it fits…

I think Julie’s title ‘Singled out’ look great!

Julie Lawford

How many books share the same title as mine? What, HOW many?

singledout_kindle_656x1000pxWay back, perhaps three years ago, when I began thinking about a title for Singled Out, I did a search on Amazon. At the time, Amazon determined there was just one other book with the same title. It was a non-fiction account of the two million single women left to fend for themselves after the First World War. I figured since this was so different from my own book, I could stand to share the name.

In retrospect (what a wonderful thing is hindsight), I should have checked once or twice more in the intervening months. If I had, I might have reconsidered.

I actually love my title and I believe it works for the book as it references the story in more than one way. I’ve been wedded to it since I first thought of it…

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One thought on “Not so Singled Out after all: A lesson learned

  1. Thanks so much for the reblog, 🙂

    Whilst it’s good to know if our proposed titles are, shall we say, popular, with other authors, it does not necessarily mean we wouldn’t still want to use these titles. When we find one we really love, it’s hard to let it go.

    I’ve found feedback from beta readers to be invaluable (and have even changed characters’ names as a result!). But here again, their thoughts are for the author to accept or not. It helps to know what they think, but you don’t have to agree!

    Thank you for your kind words on my cover. I love it too! I placed a contest on website 99Designs and the winning design was by an art and design student from Italy, Alessio Varvarà. His user name on 99Designs is ‘alsov’. You can read about my experience of this process – a very positive one – in my blog post titled ‘I’ve got it covered’ from a couple of months ago.


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