Who wants to have a great website?


I have a problem – I’m an author who loves writing. When I manage to wrest time from my busy schedule to work on my writing – I want to spend it… well, writing. I usually resent having to do all the other things associated with being an emerging author, such as networking, promotion, marketing, updating my website, etc… I would rather be writing down some more of the stories and characters that fill my head.

But, and it’s a big but, someone has to do it. And most of us who are establishing ourselves don’t have the budget to afford to get professional promotors and all the rest of it. Not yet anyway.

I must admit, I have been planning to get some help with my website soon – it could really do with an overhaul. (check it out at www.emilyarden.weebly.com ) But there are so many other things to do as well… And I know that no matter how good the website design, the most important thing is having good content. And someone has to dream that up as well.

If you are keen to build a great website, check out this useful blog. http://unbound.bookbub.com/post/114077790015/9-things-all-author-websites-need-to-have/

I am planning to follow some of these tips soon – I hope you find it useful as well!

Meanwhile, can anyone recommend a good (not too expensive) company for designing great websites for emerging authors?

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