The perfect pitch – can you hook people in with one sentence about your book? #writers #writing #hint #sentence #summary #pitch #book #idea

Do you have one sentence that summarizes your book and will make people want to buy it? If not, then you should read Kristen Lamb’s brilliant post on the importance of having a ‘logline’. This not only explains ‘why’ you need to do it, but helps you with the ‘how’ you can do it and ‘what’ it should look like.

I am now convinced that all books need to have a “logline”, and if they don’t or can’t, then the plotting needs to be reconsidered. (A good exercise to do before you even start your future books). “What is it about?” “Sorry, what?”

Kristen explains about ‘loglines’ clearly and with great examples here

Your Novel in ONE Sentence—Anatomy of Story Part 5.

I’m looking forward to trying to create some loglines for my own books soon!

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