10 Reactions from non bloggers when you tell them that you have a blog and are a blogger #blogging

Love it. The weather is such a useful conversation changer…


1. “What’s a blog?”

Some know what a blog is and some don’t have a clue. Explaining a blog concept can be tricky, even when you use the ‘it’s like a website’ phrase. Can lead to scratching of heads and puzzled looks. 

2. “What’s a blogger?”

Again only give a description if the person asking looks like they can handle the concept of a blog. If not comment on the weather. 

3. “Do you get freebies?”

I wish! 

4. “Are you going to give up your day job?”

Again – I wish! The best way to handle this is to be naughty, nod and watch the reaction.

5. “Do you speak to other people….online?”

Some people will still gasp when you nod. Can lead to questions on whether you are single / into online dating? In some people’s heads you only venture online if you are looking for romance. 


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