Your Novel in ONE Sentence—Anatomy of Story Part 5 #writing #creative #summary #promote #book #idea

This is my first attempt at a log-line. I did it for the book I am currently working on (nearly finished) – ‘The Secret Life of Eloise’.
“A lady’s maid escaping from revolution-torn France is not afraid of using her wits and her body to get what she wants, yet will she commit murder for the man she loves?”
I found it really useful to do this, although I read somewhere that it should be nearer to 20 words (this is 32), so shorter is presumably better. Oh well – any feedback gratefully received.

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I used to try to teach from the perspective of an editor, but I found that my thinking was flawed. Why? Because editors are like building inspectors. We have skills best used on a finished product. We are trained to look for problems. Is that a good skill? Sure. But do building inspectors design buildings? No. Architects do. Architects employ creativity and vision to create a final structure. Hopefully, they will have the necessary skills to create and design a structure that will meet code standards.

Creativity and vision are not enough. Architects need to learn mathematics and physics. They need to understand that a picture window might be real pretty, but if they put that sucker in a load-bearing wall, they won’t pass inspection and that they even risk a fatal collapse.

Aestheticism must align with pragmatism.

This made me step back and learn to become an architect. When…

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