Show up every day – even when inspiration fails you #writers #blogging #writing #inspiration #perseverence

Yet another great post from blondewritemore. Thank God she shows up every day to write 🙂

The beauty of ‘I am just going to show up everyday’ #writers #blogging.

It is true that you have to keep persevering. You have to keep hoping that someday it will all make sense  that people will find your stuff and enjoy it.

I have started from nowhere with my facebook page a few months ago, and it still not very far from nowhere. But I am writing something there every day – at the very least keeping track of my ‘success diary’.

I am finding it really beneficial to reflect on what I have been doing and keep track of each little step along the way. One day I will be able to look back on these posts and say “that is where I started, this is the journey, and this is where I have got to.” The most important part is the journey, and for us writers, that happens one word at a time.


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