Interested in finding an agent? #writers #writing #agent #book

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I have read so many great blog-posts and articles about the advantages of self-publishing that I have been sold on the idea for over a year. The bookworld is changing so rapidly, and some of the old ways of doing things are flying out of the window. So where do traditional agents sit in all of this?

I admit this is not a subject I know a lot about, so I was pleasantly surprised by this no nonsense article from Maris Vicente. It debunks some of the common myths and reminds us that agents are just people – approachable if we want to have a go. Will you be looking for an agent?


2 thoughts on “Interested in finding an agent? #writers #writing #agent #book

  1. Most certainly not. Though I’d definitely think about becoming a hybrid in the future. I’m not against agents, I just don’t think I could ever work well with one. I like having the power over my own deadlines, control my own income statements etc. That of course, can always change. It depends on what’s on the table. : )


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