Just learnt a new word – ‘Plot Bunnies’ #story #inspiration #ideas #writing #writers

The Importance of Plot Bunnies

A Plot Bunny – this describes how most of my stories arrive. An idea that takes hold and won’t let go…

Tricky to manage several bunnies at once, but sometimes we have to. One day I am in sunny contemporary Greece, the next in wintry 18th-Century France. Can’t keep the ideas down, and sometimes those bunnies just burrow in and insist on being pampered.

The classic for me was ‘The Priest’s Seduction’ which kept me up all night last November. Half a novella written in one hit… So don’t underestimate the motivating force of Plot Bunnies.

The Importance of Plot Bunnies.


2 thoughts on “Just learnt a new word – ‘Plot Bunnies’ #story #inspiration #ideas #writing #writers

    • Know the feeling! And I just had another one arrive this morning. Mathilde’s story is starting to take shape – I know where she’s heading… Pity her book is 5th in the queue! I guess I’d better jot down my ideas for Mathilde before I get back to FINISHING one of the others.

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