Would you write a book via blog posts? #blog #books #writers

I’m not sure about this. I think it would be easier with non-fiction books. What do you think?



5 thoughts on “Would you write a book via blog posts? #blog #books #writers

  1. i’ve been doing that with my comics- each post is a new section of the story, and once the web-series is done i can turn it into a book. i’ve got one book so far and i’m working on a second now. i’m not sure how effective that strategy is as far as growing an audience, but it keep me motivated.

    every week i have a deadline for myself, so a new chapter has to be done each week, and when i publish it on my site it feels like i’ve accomplished something- even if it is only a few panels 🙂

    seeing something tangible every week for my efforts gives me the motivation to keep working on the next chapters. i might just stop completely if i wasnt holding myself accountable to posting each week. just my personal experience!

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    • That’s very inspiring to hear Danny – well done! It’s also brave to be ready to share with everybody so readily. I have been finding keeping a public success journal has helped to keep me motivated. I write about what I have achieved each day on facebook, and it makes me focus on having things to celebrate. But actually sharing writing… I tend to read, re-read then get my work edited before I want to share it with the world… Perhaps that is something I should reconsider…

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  2. It probably is easier to do with nonfiction than fiction. Yet, I’ve planned to write my book as blog posts starting this fall. I see it as a good way to get feedback on it, gauge if readers are interested in reading more, grow my readership & to keep me motivated to churning the chapters out.

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