Struggling with sensory or information overload? You are not alone! #surviving #busy #overwhelmed #overload #focus

Three Uncommon Ways to Maintain Your Real Focus

I just read a great article by Lisa Bennett and had to share it with you. Who in today’s world does not feel overwhelmed? The constant barrage of information and emotion can make us feel as though we are drowning. And when we are floundering and out of depth, it is likely we are not able to make the best decisions. So what to do about it?

I have a number of strategies for protecting myself from information/sensory overload.

1) I never watch the news or read newspapers (unless articles are recommended to me) – extremely depressing, often poorly written (in the case of the Adelaide Advertiser), and if I need to know, I will find out. There is a whole lot of stuff that I simply DO NOT NEED TO KNOW. I have so many other things to think about!

2) I try to avoid social media for the majority of the day, and just allocate myself a finite period to catch up on things I am likely to be interested in. There is too much going on to keep up with everything, so I find I have to be selective. (Plus I need to have time for writing. Then there is work, family, house, sleep…)

3) when I can, I try to focus on books, music, art, people, environments that make me feel inspired. I am so lucky, and I try to celebrate something new and special every day. A small thing is usually enough. Just right.

How do you cope with overload?

Three Uncommon Ways to Maintain Your Real Focus.


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