What to do when you feel like giving up… #writers #writing #determination #grit #persistence #quit #motivation #don’tgiveup


Feel like giving up? James Clear has some good advice about how to develop grit and determination. It’s not easy, but it is something that can become easier with practice. http://jamesclear.com/giving-up?

I have three personal tricks that help me to maintain focus and keep a positive perspective (even when I am feeling dispirited)

  1. Just turn up and do what you can. If the current book is going nowhere, then start another one or work on a different writing project for a while. Often after a break from a book, you will come back to it refreshed and with new ideas
  2. Read some of the positive feedback you have got from beta readers and reviews. Even if only one person has enjoyed your book, that is one person more than none
  3. Be kind to yourself. If things are not going well or you are having a bad day, perhaps you need a break. You cannot write all the time, and sometimes you may not feel like it. I know I keep saying that it is really important to just turn up and develop a good writing habit, but it is also important not to set too high an expectation of yourself. Let yourself have a ‘bad writing day’ every once in a while. It is normal – there is nothing wrong with that. It does not make you a bad writer – it just makes you human!

What are your favorite tricks for staying motivated?

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2 thoughts on “What to do when you feel like giving up… #writers #writing #determination #grit #persistence #quit #motivation #don’tgiveup

  1. I go for a hike in the mountains and write descriptions of things I see, then use them later in stories. Sometimes the description itself suggests a story.


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