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I loved this article from one of my favourite bloggers – joanna penn. I really relate to so much of what she says about finding time to write and using it wisely. In some ways, it is perhaps easier when we are super busy (ie. working full time) as our time is very precious and we use it very carefully…

My routine is to do new writing on weekends and sometimes in the evenings when I am not too tired. I also love the rare days when I have a day off, kids are all at school, and I can write! If I get a good stretch of time, I often find I can develop a real flow and have a ‘good writing’ day. Love them! I also need peace and quiet, so I prefer my library/study for writing.

On the days/nights when I feel tired and less creative (and there are plenty), I will do proof-reading, checking/reading books, or spend time on promotion and social media. There is always plenty to do!

What routines help you to get your best writing?

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