Sometimes the unlikeable characters are the most fun… #writing #characters #bad

Tante Victoire (1775)

I have just been revising (and tweaking) the chapters where I introduce Tante Victoire. She first appears in ‘Isabel’s Choice’, then has a larger role in ‘Sophie’s Temptation,’ and an even more prominent part in some of the later books in the series.

I have to say, Tante Victoire is not very nice! She is an inveterate snob, cares more for appearances and position than her own daughter’s happiness, is horrible to her husband and spoils her son, but… I have been surprising myself with how much I’m enjoying writing her scenes. There are reasons why she is bitter and disappointed and tends to take that out on the people around her, and I am enjoying getting to know her and her motivations. After all, not everyone is sunshine and light… (And at least she’s better than that awful Duke).

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