Do you want to be a professional or an amateur? Here’s the difference… #professional #succeed #writer #writing

this topic came up again this week – so many people are talking about what it means to be professional vs amateur. So I decided to reshare this blog-post. Enjoy

Emily Arden, author


I am a musician – I would call myself semi-professional. I have performed in professional gigs and in groups with a professional standard. Nowadays, given the time I allocate to practice and performing, I aim for being a very good amateur. But what really is the difference between a professional and an amateur? (and no, it’s not just about being paid).

One of my favourite quotes is (and this relates particularly to musicians): “An amateur practices until they can get every note right, a professional practices until they can’t get a note wrong.”

So what is a useful analogy between musicians and writers?

The first that springs to mind is that a writer spends their time writing (rather than talking about the fact that they are/want to be a writer). It’s that simple – a writer writes…

How to become a writer with a professional attitude – well you have to…

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