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Just read a great interview with Joanna Penn. Her work and career are inspirational. She is on the seventh year of her writing journey, and has been building her indie writing business to the extent that she is now achieving many of her goals. She took the plunge to leave her day job a few years ago and is now earning a comparable income, plus she has just managed to hire her husband out of his job. She is focused and hard-working and loves being writer…

Unlike Joanna, I am not in a job that makes me miserable. I consider myself fortunate that I enjoy most aspects of my day job – the technical challenges, being able to use my professional expertise, and the people I work with. But I also have a strong compulsion to be creative. There is not much opportunity for creativity in the public service, and writing is one of my top favourite things – especially making up stories. Nice to get away from the need to always tell the truth 🙂

So much of Joanna’s story resonates with me – it took years before I could admit out loud that I am a writer, and more years before I started telling my friends and family. I knew that many of them would not understand or be all that interested, and that was a block for a while. But I am ‘out’ now, and that has been a big step.

Now I am on the incremental pathway of trying to do a bit each day, to write as much as I can and keep learning about the ways I can improve all that I am doing – from marketing to writing.

I understand the whole ‘incremental growth’ thing. I built up a youtube site for my choir, which went from one clip and a few hits a day in the first year, to over 700 subscribers and 500 hits a day five years later. It just builds slowly, brick by brick, with new content being added whenever I can.

Now it is writing which consumes me, and I am very grateful for all the help and inspiration I have been getting from posts like this and Joanna’s wonderful website and books. I hope you enjoy it too.


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