How to make an audiobook – the narrator’s perspective

Someone was asking me about audiobooks – here’s some info…

Emily Arden, author

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I love audiobooks! For me it is a great way of accessing books – no light needed, no tired eyes, no having to hold a book or device with tired arms at the end of the day, just a chance to immerse yourself in the story.

Of course, it is vital that the story is narrated well, but I have rarely been disappointed with the books I have listened to lately. More often than not, the narrators are extremely impressive, some of them funny (in a good way – for example, check out Richard Armitage reading Georgette Heyer – hilarious). Occasionally, some are perhaps a little too theatrical, and some completely miss the nuances of the sentence (I have only come across this twice), but generally, the narrators are great.

I have been wondering about the process of creating the audiobooks. I assumed it would take a lot of patience…

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