How gratitude can improve your life #gratitude #happiness #mindful #grateful #positive


After writing my last post on the importance of saying thank you to people, I started to think about the importance of being grateful in general, and in particular, to be mindful of all the good things in our lives.

I have a friend who does one thing every day that has improved her life – she posts a ‘gratitude’ statement on facebook. She says it has made her more mindful of the many things she has to be grateful for in her life – both big and small. Sometimes it makes her think about things in a more positive light – like when she prepared a post to mark the anniversary of her brother’s death that focused on how grateful and privileged she was to have known him, and reminding us all of what a special person he was. It would be easy to feel bitter and sad when a beloved family member is taken from us tragically young, yet she sought for the positive in that, and by doing so enriched all our lives.

So today’s post is about making the most of what we have and trying to find the positive. I love the quotes below – they remind us of the importance of treasuring every precious moment, for they will be gone all too soon.


In order to become more mindful of my own life, I have decided to start a gratitude journal on my personal facebook page (ie, under my real name). And I will also be keeping up my ‘success’ journal on my Emily Arden facebook page so that I can track the progress I make each day towards my writing goals. Something else to be grateful for!

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