Want to earn your income from writing? Top tips from Joanna Penn #writers #writing #Indie #business #money #books #success #income

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How can you make money from your books?

Just watched a fantastic video from Joanna Penn – this is well worth the time it takes to watch it. As ever, Joanna is very generous with her tips and provides some great insights and ideas. Check it out at http://www.thecreativepenn.com/freedom

Here is my summary of the 11 top tips to make money from your writing:

  1. Choose a popular genre
  2. Choose something that will be searched for
  3. Write a series – hook people in
  4. Write different length books – novels, novellas
  5. Sell from multiple stores
  6. Consider the global market – Mobile, digital, global. We are heading for a huge global population (8 Billion) of mobile-connected people
  7. Different book formats – consider audiobooks! (Joanna sells eBooks 88%, print books 7%, audiobooks 5% in one year)
  8. Write across multiple genres – non-fiction, tap into spikes, write some short books
  9. 9 Write more books
  10. earn affiliate income – amazonassociates OR booklinker.net OR “bluehostaffiliate” recommend authors and sites that you approve (25% of Joanna’s income!)
  11. develop a ‘funnel’ – book leading to other products. ie. free book leading to series, leading to course, etc.

+ Use effective marketing:  Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

One of main messages throughout – Mix and match income streams – don’t rely on one source for income.

So what do you think? Worth a quick look?


One thought on “Want to earn your income from writing? Top tips from Joanna Penn #writers #writing #Indie #business #money #books #success #income

  1. Thanks for mentioning BookLinker, we certainly think it’s a great tool for Authors!

    I also wanted to mention that your listing in #10 is likely suppose to use “AND” not “OR”. With BookLinker you can use your Amazon Associates account with the BookLinker tool to ensure your links are correctly affiliated so any subsequent purchases after that click will net you an affiliate commission.

    I hope that helps. Thanks again for the mention.


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