5 Ways to Stay Motivated During Revisions

A great post on staying motivated during revisions.
I agree – revisions are tough. Not usually my favourite bit of the writing process – I prefer creating the story for the first time.
I like the tip on focusing on one element at a time. That’s what I do and I find it really helpful. I have been keeping a success diary, and when I nail a scene or a section of the book (via revision 1,2,3, etc), I will often share an overview of what has just happened. “Today, Armand met Isabel for the first time and discussed his reaction to her with his sister”. It makes it all seem more real.
I also love the “remember what you loved about the book in the first place”. Nicely put.

Diary of a Teen Writer


HEY. Long time no blog! I promise I’ll be more active. Promise!

Revisions can be tough. They can be gruelling. And, if you’re anything like me, then you need COPIOUS amounts of sugar (chocolate, preferably) and tea to actually get through them. I recently sent in my third round of revisions for Frayed, and in the end, I was quite pleased with the work I’d managed to do — and it was amazing to see just how much it had changed — for the best — since that first round of revisions. And that, of course, wasn’t including the numerous drafts since ’12 I’d written. So it got me thinking. What are the best ways to get through those revisions?


Okay. So this is a massive one for me. Motivation during revisions can be stretched…

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