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Found another great post on this, so have updated my blog on dealing with bad reviews…

Emily Arden, author


Ever had a bad review? If you haven’t, you probably will at some stage in your writing career. As soon as we put our work out there we are asking for people to provide comment. We hope most will love it of course, but there will always be those who don’t… How you respond to that could affect your credibility and your career. So don’t respond in a way you may sometime regret.

Heather Hill wrote a great post about this – Check it out:

What struck me most after I read Heather’s post was the frightening train-wreck of an online conversation that she linked us into. It was hard to believe it could be real. You really have to see it to believe it – and once you have you will gain real insight into exactly why you should NEVER try to respond to a negative review. No sooner did this particular…

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