My Disasterous Journey With Self-Publishing

Some good reminders about the importance of blending multiple ways of finding readers and using different avenues to sell your books

16 Books and Counting

I was 18 and totally unrealistic. In May of 2012, one of my completed Wattpad stories, Hype, had somehow jumped to the number 2 slot of the site’s “Spiritual” category.

The book, which showed the struggles of high-school senior Freya, a sheltered student who had attended a small Christian school since pre-k, as she was expelled and then forced to spend the last few months of her high school career in *gasp* public school. Of course, she learns that it wasn’t like she was taught (drugs everywhere, violence, etc.) and blah blah blah.

Hype was receiving 700 reads a day. When it hit 12,000, I removed it from the site to take the next step. I was going to self publish, make money, and rise to fame.


I spent 2 months editing, and drew that snazzy cover (above). When I started using Amazon KDP, I priced the book at $2.99…

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