What I Learned From 3 Years on Wattpad.com

I am just starting out on my Wattpad journey – this is a good blog post about some of the benefits and pitfalls. Thanks Jess

16 Books and Counting

Just yesterday I celebrated my 3-year anniversary as a user/writer on Wattpad.com.  I’m so glad that an old friend told me about the site.  It’s given me so many opportunities, such as becoming an ambassador.

I’ve also met a lot of cool people (and a lot of really terrible ones).  Anyway, here are the top ten things I’ve learned from Wattpad:

10. People crave fanfiction: It’s true, and sometimes sad.  Many writers also think that they can only write in this genre, or that they’re “not creative enough” to write actual fiction.

9. People don’t know basic grammar: I’ve seen writers on the site not use periods or capitalize I.  This is scary that writers aged 13-16 don’t know how to do something I learned in kindergarten.

8. Wattpad can make you famous in real life:  With enough reads, publishing companies will pick up stories from Wattpad.

7. It’s super…

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3 thoughts on “What I Learned From 3 Years on Wattpad.com

    • I don’t see why not. I have heard of people who publish on Wattpad and then get picked up by agents or trad publishers. But the main thing is, you can find readers on Wattpad and get feedback about your work. If you later publish in some other way (Indie or Trad), then you can choose to remove chapters or books from Wattpad if you like. I figure having the first few chapters up on Wattpad for free is never a problem – it will help people to find your work. Then if they want to read the whole story they can buy it…

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