Writing a killer blurb for your book #blurb #book #writing


Writing a well-pitched blurb is something I am yet to perfect, but I found some useful tips today.

First, this article from dean wesley has some basic, easy to follow suggestions:


I also liked the clear and well articulated approach of KD Fleming


Does that help? I found them useful.

Now I just need to finalise the blurb for ‘The Secret Life of Eloise’. Problem is – I have a few different ideas and I’m not sure which to go with. There’s the enigmatic quote from the book, or something a bit more explanatory. More on that later…


2 thoughts on “Writing a killer blurb for your book #blurb #book #writing

    • Glad you like it Kristina. Blurbs are certainly a challenge, probably doesn’t help that we are all too aware of just how important they are. When the stakes are high the task always seems even more daunting.
      I often think about a blurb when I am in a bus or doing something away from my desk. That can help to crystalise what I want to say.

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