13 Reasons why being a writer feels like something from Harry Potter #Writer #HarryPotter

Great post from everyone’s favourite welsh blogger



1. You’ve known for a long time that you are different to those around you.

2. Things happen to you which you can’t explain when you sit at a desk with a sheet of paper and a pen.

3. Your world is divided into two – Writers (Wizards) and Non-Writers (Muggles).

4. You can create magic using words on a blank page. You have the ability to transport a reader in their head to new worlds, fight mystical creatures, live as other people and conjure up a range of emotions. This is your magic.

5. You feel like your trusted pen / pencil / laptop / tablet / type writer found you. Not the other way around. This is your wand.

6. The magic that some experienced writers can create leaves you speechless and in awe.

7. Your characters are your patronus spells, representing your inner most thoughts, desires…

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