6 Situations designed to give you a captive listening audience for your stories #Writer #amwriting

the bath is good too πŸ™‚


Sometimes your loved ones and friends need to hear what you have written.

The urge to read to them one of your literary creations becomes so strong that you just have to find a way of overcoming the β€œnot now love” and the β€œI am too busy to listen to one of your short stories!”

I find myself in this situation regularly. It is excruciating to endure the knock backs from loved ones and friends who always seem to be busy when I emerge from writing land breathless and flushed.

When the desire to read someone your work gets too powerful and you find yourself quiveringwith creative excitement – try turning to one of these situations below.

The beauty of all these situations is that there is no escape for loved ones or friends.

Voila – a captive listening audience! Hurrah!

  1. On a romantic date night – It’s…

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