Facebook Advert – Trial Run #ammarketing

Inspiring to see Julie Lawford trying out some small-scale facebook advertising. Something I plan to look into soon through Mark Dawson’s helpful course material.

Julie Lawford

I ‘boosted’ a post on Facebook, essentially an advert for Singled Out. Here’s how I got on.

I haven’t done much advertising/promotion of Singled Out, outside this blog and a few Tweets.  I have neither the time, nor the dedication to go about this task with the sort of commitment one needs to apply if one wants sales in the thousands. Besides, as we hear everywhere, the best way to promote a first book… is to write a second. And that’s just what I’ve at last started to do.

But I was persuaded to try out a boosted post on Facebook, mainly on the basis that it didn’t involve any effort at all.  I was a few copies short of my first notable sales milestone – 100 copies – and I simply thought, ‘it’s worth a punt’. A friend (thank you, Suzanne) showed me how it worked, and it…

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Advert – Trial Run #ammarketing

  1. Emily, thanks so much for reflagging my post. I’ve also taken a look at the Mark Dawson material – it’s incredible what he has accomplished. But as always, the key seems to be… write a book, then write another, then write another, then… oh… write another. Then the whole marketing engine has some fuel! 🙂


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