“I write because I can’t not”

I really relate to this. I cannot imagine life without writing.

What Inspires Your Writing?

For someone whose art teacher once told her that she had no imagination, Janine Clifton seems awfully imaginative. In fact, this mother, adventurer, and soon-to-be novelist from Essex, UK, not only went on to earn a degree in performance studies, but has crafted numerous flash fiction pieces and short stories, and spends a lot of her time daydreaming.

Indeed, she relies on her vivid imagination to take her away. As she explains so eloquently below, while she remains firmly grounded through family, writing allows her to soar off in any direction she chooses.

But imagination can only take you so far. Travel certainly helps to fill in the blanks, and as Janine will attest, it can also provide a great deal of inspiration. One of her favorite adventures was a stint as camp counselor at a summer camp in Virginia followed by a trip through “some amazing parts” of…

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