Short on writing inspiration? A different angle may help

Worth reading – inspiration can indeed come from many directions and many persepctives.

What Inspires Your Writing?

Lauren Lola doesn’t ask for much?just that you not judge her by her size, because she’s “a little on the short side.” But what she’s not short on is talent?writing talent, in particular. A self-described lover of words, Lauren is an avid reader and has kept a journal for the past thirteen years. But it doesn’t stop there. This young writer has already penned her first novel, A Moment’s Worth, which you would do well to check out on Amazon. To round out her artistic side, she has a minor in stage acting (which she says has influenced her writing), and has recently taken an interest in songwriting.

And what about photography?

The picture she took here is phenomenal. In fact, she may just have a career in photography waiting for her?in between books, of course.

Lauren has some words of wisdom for us, but first, check out her…

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