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I’m a newbie author. It’s not easy finding people to review your books when you’re just starting out, so I was delighted to discover Rosie Amber’s review website. No trick or gimmicks, Rosie has a panel of people who enjoy reading and are happy to share their reviews. One of her readers has written a review of my first book ‘Lover by Moonlight’ and it’s now published on Rosie’s site.

There are many other review sites as well – but watch out – some are more ‘ethical’ than others. Some people charge for writing a review and promise to give your book 5 stars. But surely the point of a review is to get an objective viewpoint?

The ideal is to find readers who enjoy your books so much that they are moved to leave a review, but that is not necessarily easy. The majority of readers do not write reviews. It’s going to be harder to get reviews when you are just starting out, but it should be come easier as you build up a following of loyal readers.

Goodreads should be a good site to find people who will not only read your books but also write a review. I know that I need to spend more time on Goodreads finding some more readers to read and review my books.

Given that I am just starting out, I will provide a free copy of my eBooks to anyone who would like to write a review. But that also poses it’s own problems, because I need to find a way to make that free copy available to them. There are technical aspects that need to be sorted – where can I place books for my reviewers to download but which will not be found by everyone else? What formats do people want?

I’m slowly working through these issues, which is why early reviews such as the one above are so precious to me. It shows that I am getting the hang of this self-publishing game.

And if you would be interested in a free review copy of any of my first series of sexy contemporary romances, (Lover by Moonlight, Lie to me, The Gemini Effect, or The Priest’s Seduction ) or indeed a pre-published review copy of the first in my new historical romance series Isabel’s Choice, please let me know. Reviews will help me to learn more about the reader’s perspective (and hone my writing style), as well as to let my readers know what to expect. And of course it’s a vital way to build credibility when trying to become established.

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