Opinion: When Being an Indie Author Gets All Too Much…

This is a BRILLIANT post from Debbie Young. I was feeling super-overwhelmed last week, but today I decided to forget about everything else and just write. So I spent some time working on my novella (great to have a day off to do it). Tomorrow I’ll start thinking about marketing some of my other books, but today was for writing. Such a joy!

As for my favourite antidote to feeling overwhelmed – definitely relaxing in the spa helps. And trying to concentrate on one thing at a time. I try to save most of my social media interactions for two or three specific days a week, and spend the other days on other things – reviewing, editing, writing…
I tried writing a success diary for a while – that was a good discipline. Aiming for five things a day – it helped me to realise how much I’d achieved. I wrote that on facebook for a while as a sort of diary, but lately I just think of them in my head while I relax in the spa each night. There is usually something to celebrate.
Making sure you have a short ‘to-do’ list is also critical. I read somewhere that you should never have more than 6 things on your list of priorities for the day. And if you only manage two of them, just start again the next day. Breaking the work up into chewable chunks is also important. (Eat an elephant one bite at a time). I usually set myself a particular scene or chapter to finish – that sort of goal. Don’t make the tasks too big and indigestible.
Oh – and a really important one – chocolate. Reward yourself, release some endorphins and enjoy 😉


So here’s Debbie’s post:

What to do when being an indie author gets too much for you – 10 top tips to deal with the feeling of being overwhelmed by self-publishing status by Debbie

Source: Opinion: When Being an Indie Author Gets All Too Much…


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