Trial, error and ignorance.

Definitely worth checking! Is your blog mobile friendly?

Allan Walsh - Author

Oh no - picture by Tom Woodward Oh no – picture by Tom Woodward

I began my WordPress blog in March 2014 and after all this time, I would consider myself well versed in the use of my WordPress blog. When I set up my blog, I specifically picked a theme that was capable of working on mobile devices. I thought this was the smart thing to do, what with all the different tablets and phones out there. Today, some 20 months later, I was messing around with themes, thinking I might need to do a refresh on my site and while comparing a new theme to my current one, I realized I had not switched on the mobile device capability, Doh… I thought this was automatic, Double Doh… So, this in mind, I thought I would put the message out there. Anyone who has chosen a theme with mobile capability, don’t assume like I did – You should check it is…

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