Weekend Edition – Sometimes, you have to get mad.

Great post from Jamie. I love this quote:
“Like any good story, your creative journey is filled with conflict. And you, as the protagonist of your story, must be willing to fight the good fight. You must be willing to get in there and get your hands dirty, take risks, fail, fall, and try again. It’s okay if you wander for a while; that’s part of the story, too.”

Live to Write - Write to Live

What is your breaking point?

snarling wolfIn every story there is a point at which something in the protagonist snaps – a breaking point where fear turns into ferocity and ambivalence turns into action. A decision is made. A line is crossed. Things change.

As writers, as creators, we come to this pivotal moment over and over again. In our journey, we face many such turning points – big, life-changing ones and small, seemingly innocuous ones that nevertheless send ripples surging across the inner landscape of our hearts and minds.

Most of the choices we make are relatively peaceful. They do not require sacrifice or a change in how we perceive ourselves or the world. They are simply a matter of artistic acumen or preference, a decision to use blue instead of yellow or this word instead of that one. These decisions may take time and effort, but they do not…

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