Weekend Edition – Welcome Home, Dear Writer

Some great messages here. I particularly like the ‘quote for the week’ at the end as well as these words: “Whether the task ahead is turning an ethereal idea into a concrete story or setting up house, there is much work to be done and the element of the unknown is both frightening and tantalizing. Still, each experience – reading, writing, and moving – brings an expectant sense of excitement. How will it all turn out? What will we discover? Who will we meet? How will we be changed?”
How indeed!

Live to Write - Write to Live

Home is Where the Words Are:

Desk 54 East My writing desk – a small island of calm amidst the chaos of not-yet-unpacked boxes

Having just moved last weekend, the concept of “home” is on my mind. I sit here at my desk, my back to a room piled high with boxes, crates, bins, and pieces of furniture that have not yet found their places. I am surrounded by the artifacts of my and my daughter’s lives – the flotsam and jetsam that has survived several purges to wash up here on the shore of this, our fifth move in eight years.

Like a writer with a new story idea, I am anxious to settle in. I look around and see that I have all the puzzle pieces; I just need to figure out where each one fits. The rooms of our new house are like the structure of the story. I…

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