The Importance of ‘Aha!’ and ‘Hmmm!’ Moments For Writers #writers


#writer #writerslife #positive

‘Aha!’ Moments

These delicious moments occur when we make dramatic writer breakthroughs, a few are listed below:

  • Finding a way out of a plot hole.
  • Deciding how to end a story
  • Spicing up a plot.
  • Getting some much needed inspiration for your important opening line.
  • Thinking up a new and interesting character.
  • Getting some new story idea inspiration.

These glorious moments give us a burst of positive writer energy and help us move forward.

These are the moments we all long for as they give us that addictive creative buzz.

They make writing seem worthwhile and can sometimes act like sunshine breaking through dark clouds.

‘Hmmm’ Moments

 These awkward moments occur when we come up against a writing challenge. To our disappointment, we realise the situation requires more creative consideration. A few are listed below:

  •  Discovering a sagging plot.
  •  Your main character is a bit dull.
  •  Getting POV doubts.
  •  Your story…

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