10 Feelings Experienced When A Writer Friend’s Book Is Launched #SundayBlogShare #writer



  1. Excitement. This is the next part of their literary journey and you are excited for them.
  2. Relief. You are relieved because they finally finished it and got it out there. You know all about the turmoil and struggles they faced whilst writing it. You have all the emails, texts and messages to prove it. It’s a relief to see it being launched.
  3. Pride. You are their writer friend and you are proud of them for doing something amazing – writing a book. Cue your tweets and Facebook posts about their book launch.
  4. Anxiety. You know your writer friend is anxious, they are worried about how it will be received and what the reviews will be like. You share a bit of their nervousness.
  5. Hope. You cross all fingers and toes in hope that everything will be ok.
  6. Reflection. You start to reflect on your own literary journey. Where are…

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