10 Things to do when your writer friend feels glum about writing #writer #SundayBlogShare

Lucy Mitchell

pretty retrato

Seeing a writer friend slide into the pit of writer gloom can be hard.

Writer friends are special as you share a different kind of friendship bond with them. Seeing them struggle  with writing can be just as painful as your own writing battles.

You don’t want them to be glum because:

  • You admire their writing talent.
  • You know that writing makes them goofy happy.
  • You know that they have got themselves into a bit of a negative hole and just need to find a way of climbing out of it.
  • They were there for you when you fell into the pit of writer gloom. They pulled you out and look at you now – full of writer joy – sigh!

Writer gloom happens to all of us.

Once we let those pesky writing demons run riot in our minds it can result in ‘gloomy writer face’ for a…

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