5 Stages of Comparing Your Unfinished Draft to a Successful Author’s Book #writer #amwriting

Always a danger. My solution – let yourself read some less good books from time to time – it’s good for morale and you can learn a lot from the mistakes of others 🙂


  1. Reading Euphoria. You have your head stuck in the latest book from your favourite author. Their book is hard to put down and you’ve not surfaced for food, drink, a toilet break or some basic form of interaction with another human being for most of the day. This book is AMAZING you tell yourself excitedly turning the next page. As you reach a juicy bit in the book you get a rush of what can only be described as reading euphoria.
  2. Awareness. During this intense spell youbecome aware of a helpful little voice inside you saying ‘you couldn’t write anything like this’ and ‘your draft is pretty naff compared to this’. You start to think about what the little voice has said. You place the book in your lap as a dark cloud of writer doubt passes over you. This sends you into a cold sweat. In a panic you…

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