What’s stopping you from writing? #writingwednesday #writing #emilyarden #nevergiveup #mythbusting

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There are always plenty of reasons why we find it hard to focus on writing. I think I’ve been through most of them in the past few years. Which do you relate to?

  1. Too sick – I had two bouts of the flu a couple of years ago and it really knocked the stuffing out of me. I lost my voice for quite a while – you might think that if I couldn’t sing, then I would have more time to write, but it didn’t work out like that… I also sprained a finger, started ‘the change’, had sick kids, &c, &c. There is always something…
  2. Too busy – Like many writers, I also have a day job. One that keeps me very busy for 5 days a week and uses up a lot of my brain-power and energy. I also have 4 kids, a demanding house and run a choir in my spare time. Plus trying to find time for fitness, my husband and friends/family. So saying I’m too busy for writing seems like a reasonable excuse, doesn’t it?
  3. Too tired – because of all of the above, I’d often rather go home from work and collapse onto the couch in front of the TV, rather than try to find energy for some creative work. One only has so much energy…
  4. Feeling uninspired – we can’t always be ‘firing on all cylinders’ with great ideas for stories. Sometimes we just feel boring and uncreative. Sometimes giving up seems like the only sensible option.
  5. Feeling inadequate – how often do you experience imposter syndrome? every day? once a week? Ever say to yourself: “Everyone is better at this than me;” “I’m not good enough to do this;” or just “I’m not enough.” We are all our own worst critics. Don’t be too hard on yourselves and give yourselves a chance to show what you can do. You are enough. Let yourself shine.
  6. It’s too late establish a successful career. Actually, it is never too late. As long as we can still have ideas and write them down, we can be authors.

SO THE MORAL IS: – stop being ruled by lame excuses. Even if there’s a teensy bit of truth to our reasons for not writing, don’t let any of the excuses derail us entirely. Take a break if you need it, but don’t let it become permanent. If you are too sick to write, do some reading and research instead. There is always something you can do to keep your hand in, even if its just thinking about writing. Let yourself be human, but also believe that you can achieve great things. You can do it.

OK – Pep talk is now over. I’m going to get on with some writing. See you next #WritingWednesday

Cheers, Emily

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