My first year as an indie author #amwriting #indie #published #book

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It’s been just over a year since I published my first book (‘Lover by Moonlight’). A year in which I’ve learnt an incredible amount. I’ve tried lots of new things – some have been moderately successful, some have been a waste of time, and some have been an abject failure. But overall, I consider that I have grown immeasurably, and am definitely getting closer to my goal of being a widely-read author.

There have been so many lessons learned in so many different parts of the self-publishing life, that I’m planning to explore each one in a separate blogpost. And don’t worry, I will be letting you know about the good, the bad and the ugly. All of it. Some of the topics I’m planning to cover include:

  • Writing
  • Blogging
  • My website
  • Distributing and publishing
  • Facebook and other social media
  • Twitter!!
  • Finding readers, reviewers and a ‘street team’

Which publishers sell most books for Indies? #writing #self-publishing #Indies #Amazon #publishing #books


This infographic says it all – Amazon are still the market leaders BY FAR when it comes to selling self-published books. So a great place to start. However, it is also worth getting your books out to the other publishers as well.

More info at this site:

Latest figures on Traditional vs Self-Publishing #writing #self-publish #publishing #books #indie #traditional


Some really interesting figures in this latest report on Author earnings

Are you a new author dreaming of a trad publishing deal? #tradpublishing #indie #newauthor #writing #support #books


What would you say if you were offered a trad publishing deal? Would you break out the champagne? Is that your idea of nirvana? If it is, then it’s worth being aware of some of the possible pitfalls.

I found this article really useful, especially as it is from someone with such a long experience of publishing in many different ways. I’d love to know what you think of it.

There are some important messages in there – in particular, if you do get offered a trad. publishing deal, be very careful about the small print. For example: “If we sell life-of-copyright to a novel to a major traditional publisher, we may NOT BE ABLE TO GET IT BACK.” Probably until 70 years after our death (even after the publishing company have lost interest)

From my perspective, I’m an Indie at heart. I feel I’ve found the place I want to be. Still a long way to go, but at least I know where myself and my books are going. And I will be keeping my copyright and taking responsibility for whatever I have to, and getting professionals to help add value in areas where I am not so proficient. At least I know that most of what I deliver will be down to me. Wish me luck!

Amazon/Lake Union – Trad publishing with a difference #writing #publishing #amazon


Have you heard of Lake Union? Apparently an off-shoot of Amazon that works a bit more like a trad publisher. I found this article by Carol Bodensteiner interesting. She talks about the pros of publishing through Lake Union – particularly the marketing clout.

I still love the idea of being Indie, but I can see the attraction in having so much support for production and marketing. What do you think?

Interested in self-publishing? Check out why Seth Godin chose to self publish. #self-publishing #publishing #writing #book

My favourite quote from this: Seth Godin says: “Self-publishing is the responsibility of choosing oneself.”

Check out why Seth Godin chose to self publish.

Hybrid publishing – the good, the bad and the ugly #writers #writing #book #publishing

Do you need help with publishing? What options are available to you? This article from Jane Friedman gives some excellent advice!

This has made me think about my own best options for publishing in the future. So far, I have used an e-Book distributor Bookbaby for my first series of contemporary romances. But I am not sure whether that is the best way to go with future books. I will look do an evaluation of my options soon and let you know how I go.