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Check out this excellent advice from bryan cohen. All writers need to know how to shorten their work into a few succinct lines that will attract readers. Sometimes the shorter the harder – often takes a surprising amount of effort.


Need an endorsement for your book? #book #blurb #marketing #endorsement


Just read a useful post on finding endorsements for your books. Obviously a respected author is one of the best endorsements you can get. I guess I should become less diffident about asking…


(surprised they call the endorsement a “blurb” in this article. To me, a blurb is the short story summary n the back of the book…)

Writing a killer blurb for your book #blurb #book #writing


Writing a well-pitched blurb is something I am yet to perfect, but I found some useful tips today.

First, this article from dean wesley has some basic, easy to follow suggestions:


I also liked the clear and well articulated approach of KD Fleming


Does that help? I found them useful.

Now I just need to finalise the blurb for ‘The Secret Life of Eloise’. Problem is – I have a few different ideas and I’m not sure which to go with. There’s the enigmatic quote from the book, or something a bit more explanatory. More on that later…

Writing a great book description #writing #book # description #blurb #marketing


How can we get our book description right? This is something I know I need to get better at.

What sort of blurbs will attract readers to your books? How can we lift them from ordinary to noteworthy? This short blogpost is worth a read: http://blog.bookbaby.com/2015/07/5-tips-crafting-memorable-book-description/

My take-home messages – practice, spend time getting it right, and ask for lots of feedback to help crystalize your ideas into something approximating the perfect blurb…