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Some days, I wonder why I spend so much time writing. How can I justify spending so much time on it? Time away from all the other important things in my life…

It’s true that I LOVE writing, that I feel I simply HAVE to write. But are there readers out there who will enjoy my work?

It’s hard when you’re starting out and haven’t connected with many readers yet. It can be hard to keep the faith and keep writing. To keep believing in yourself and that people will want to read your words.

This morning I was reminded why I do this. Someone had left two comments on my Goodreads feed in response to a quote from my book ‘Lie to me’. They said:

Emily. I’m from Brasil. Never read any of your books. I almost didn’t know you. But a couple months ago, I was on Facebook and there was a quote that change my future days. “Just at that moment she glanced towards him and saw him smiling at her, his eyes lingering on her with warmth and an indefinable something else. Her heart caught in her chest” It changed me. And I’m here to say Thank YOU. My heart was caught? Yes

Just trying to express my feeling for your quote. But I can’t, it’s not just that, I fele like I spent all my life to feel it. The same thing you wrote. And I searched for it. And somehow I found it. I just don’t now what to do next. Sorry for all of this. And again. Thank you, for making me wait to see something more than special.

How wonderful to create something that has moved someone so much. I am humbled.