Preparing for a book-launch – tips to make your book get noticed #book #promotion #writers #dancingpancake #google #discoverability #searchability


If you are like me, then you are planning to launch a book real soon now… Are you ready? Have you got some good strategies for marketing?

I thought this post had some good practical tips… I especially liked the dancing pancake reference 🙂 And google discoverability is very important… so much to learn.

Which strategies are you going to use for your next book launch? Do you have a plan?

I actually have two launches coming up. My first eBook ‘Lover by Moonlight’ is NEARLY ready for launch as a physical book. (I’m using CreateSpace to print-on-demand). That has been a learning curve for me, and the pdf is now ready… Just the cover to finalise…

Then there is the first of my French Connection series ‘Isabel’s Choice’ – simultaneous launch of eBook and POD paperback due in July! I will need to come up with something special for her…

Let me know what your favorite strategies are for launching a new book, and good luck!