The ‘Two Minute Rule’ – Using time wisely Part 2 #timemanagement #time #efficiency #writing


The two minute rule has transformed my working and writing life…

The question to ask yourself is: of all the jobs I have to do, which can I do quickly? (ie, in 2 minutes)

If you can do something in two minutes – then do it! No point having trivial tasks hanging over you, and it will feel good to get them out of the way… In fact, it will give you a sense of achievement and motivation that is likely to make it easier to get on with the harder stuff.

Then when it comes to the harder stuff, there are various techniques for dealing with that. Firstly, make priorities. What do you most need to get done? What is the most important task? What is less important and can perhaps be discarded (or delegated)… You can only do so much, so focus on the things that simply must be done.

And try to avoid procrastination (I have another post on that)

Good luck!

How do you eat an elephant? – Using time wisely Part 1 #timemanagement #time #writing #tips


OK – this is an oldie but a goodie. You are given a job to do (or you have imposed it on yourself).

It is BIG –

it is HUGE –

it is so mammoth that you fear it will CRUSH you.

It might be writing a novel, it might be moving house, it might be finishing a big report for a major project…

So how to tackle this enormous task? Well, actually there is only one way. If you are told that you have to eat an elephant, there really is only one way. And that is – one bite at a time.

So take your novel and reward yourself for every paragraph that you write. Because the book will only be finished one page or paragraph or sentence or word at a time. And you can do it if you just keep munching one word at a time. Good luck!

Are you good at managing your time? #timemanagement #time #writing #tips #efficiency


OK, I admit it – I am no longer in my 20s. Yet this article is super relevant to me – indeed, I think it would be fair to say that it’s relevant to everyone. Especially those of us trying to cram as much as possible into every day so we can get on with our writing…

What are your favourite tips from this article? There are lots that resonate with me… I will think some more on these and share some more ideas in future posts.

Temptation bundling – a transformational idea! #procrastination #efficiency #writing #living #improving #jamesclear


I learnt a new term this week and it is something that resonates strongly with me. Something that I think will change my life.

I love it because

  1. it makes sense, and
  2. it is something I can do fairly easily.

I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it before, but now that I have I know it will make a difference.

What is it?


It’s called ‘Temptation Bundling’.

How does it work? Basically, make a list of some of the things you need to do but keep putting off – you know, those things that have made you into the queen or king of procrastination. Make a list of them, then make a column alongside and list some of the things you do to reward yourself. Things that you love and really want to spend time on.

Temptation bundling is about making a bargain with yourself – “if you go for a 20 minute walk, then you will deserve to have a couple of pieces of chocolate”, or “if you finish your tax return, you can book that holiday you have been wanting” or “if you finish proof-reading that chapter, you can take some time out to watch your favourite dvd.” That sort of thing. You raise the stakes on some of your choices, you work for the things you want (and get things done along the way).

Check out James Clear’s great blog article at

I think this will work for me – I wonder if you already do something like this, or if it is something you are planning to start doing. Let me know!