The unsexy way to become more successful… #writing #success #habits #improving


If you are wondering about the value of incremental change – read on.

It might not be sexy to do things ‘slowly but surely’, but it certainly works better than a flash in the pan!

I love this post from James Clear… Had you ever heard of ‘Habit Creep’? Neither had I (it is a term he coined).

Read his post to find out more (he explains things so well).

Every small step you take towards improving your habits will make a long-term difference. Trying to make changes too quickly may end up backfiring, but making incremental changes will make a difference to your life. I have been finding this out through trial and error, and it is good to read such something that confirms that I am on the right track!

Do you want to get better at what you do? #writing #improve #writers #habits #outcomes


Do you want to transform your writing habits, your outcomes, your attitudes?

I have been reading some really good posts lately, including this one from James Clear. Most of his messages are very simple, yet at the same time very important.

His latest post summarizes a few of the things he (and many others) have been talking about lately in the blogosphere. It’s about how we can get better at what we do. How we can make better decisions, develop better habits, start to feel more like we are achieving something worthwhile. I think there is something here for everyone, so have a read.