Creating and marketing your box set #writing #book #boxset #marketing

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I definitely need to tap into the following advice when I set up my first box set. There are many articles out there that explain why box sets are a good idea and how to maximize their marketing potential. Here is one of the best:

Bookbub article

Do you have a box set currently available? Has that worked well for you? What are your best tips?

Need an endorsement for your book? #book #blurb #marketing #endorsement


Just read a useful post on finding endorsements for your books. Obviously a respected author is one of the best endorsements you can get. I guess I should become less diffident about asking…

(surprised they call the endorsement a “blurb” in this article. To me, a blurb is the short story summary n the back of the book…)

What not to do when marketing a book #book #marketing #tips #amwriting #writing #writers #marketingstrategy #promotion


More great marketing tips from Bookbub – this time: what not to do! I particularly like the examples of good publicity pitches that captured the attention of readers… Check it out.

How many of these book promotion strategies that no longer work have you tried?

I have been creating my own Marketing strategy, and I can outline it pretty simply. I am not a salesperson or good at being pushy, so I will have my own approach. It looks a bit like this:

  1. Write the best book I can (use professional editors and cover designers)
  2. Set up a multi-faceted author platform, making it easy for readers to find me in a variety of places (including my website, goodreads, facebook, my blog, twitter, etc)
  3. Make my books available in a number of book stores, including providing advance warning that they are soon to be released (work in progress. I have tried using a book distributor with my first few books.)
  4. Find my readers, including free promotions, free books when people sign up for my mailing list, finding people who like similar books, etc. (I am taking some courses to get better at this). This is the next big frontier for me.

I must admit, I am very reticent about asking people to buy my books. I am planning to spend a bit of time finding my readers before I encourage people to by them. I guess I am keen that the people who will enjoy my books are the ones who are asked to buy them. Probably old fashioned, but that will be my approach.15142786-marketing-strategy-word-speech-bubble-illustration-on-white-background

Attracting agents and readers with your website #writers #writing #website #marketing #agents

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How do we ensure our website looks professional and attracts the right people?

I have been thinking a lot about this as I work towards a complete revamp of my website. So what should we all focus on? There are some great tips in this article…

Which tips are you going to use for your website?


Encouraging people to buy your book #book #promotion #marketing #writers


So what tools should you use to encourage people to buy your book?

I liked the three simple messages in the post below.They make sense. (Pity I can’t tick one of the boxes yet… need to get known first. But I’ll get there).

Which tip do you like the best?