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Once I have released my new website (mid July), I will be building my mailing list and planning the best way to connect with my readers through some sort of regular update (a ‘newsletter’).

I want to make it count – we are all too busy to waste time reading (and writing) material that is not really of interest, so I want to target the topics and types of information that will interest my readers. Which means being clear about what the newsletter will be providing from the time that people sign up. It is all interlinked.

So how can I plan the best content for my newsletter?

I found this Jane Friedman article both informative and inspiring.

There is lots to think about.My favorite tips:

  • keep it short and punchy
  • be honest about what you are providing from word go
  • clear headings to make it easy to scan (if it is a longer newsletter)
  • keep your material personal and interesting. Bring in perspectives from your readers.
  • Consider whether you could provide some material in installments (perhaps a free story)

And as for using email to share information – I liked this quote:

“It’s easy to pigeonhole email as a very practical (even boring) communication, but it can be used as a creative publishing medium that’s easy to read, share, save, and later repurpose into something else.” (Jane Friedman)

I am looking forward to doing more of this!