Write from the heart, not just to fit a genre #write #amwriting #genre

6 Tips for Using Beta Readers

I love this article from Clare Weiner.


I really relate to the comment “Choosing to self-publish liberates authors from the need to write within the constraints of fiction genres favoured by trade publishers.” This is one of the reasons that I am excited to be an Indie.

Some of my books are not typical romances – such as ‘The Secret Life of Eloise’ with it’s anti-heroine and series of male protagonists. It’s perhaps more of an adventure romp than a love story, yet it is romantic as well.

‘Isabel’s Choice’ has a lot of adventure mixed in with the romance, and ‘Sophie’s Story’ is probably more ‘historical fiction’ than ‘romance’.

So I have been enjoying writing the stories I want to write rather than worrying about conforming to genre. Let’s hope my readers enjoy my waywardness 🙂