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I always thought I was pretty good at keeping my writing records in order and having useful info readily to hand for my writing, but Betsy Talbot is even more so. I am particularly impressed by how often she backs up her work – and how thoroughly. A lesson to all of us!

Some of my personal tricks – I keep one┬ádocument in which I compile useful information for each of my book series. I set up an automatic table of contents so I can find things easily. I also find the search option useful… Whether it’s information about how far a horse will ride in a day, chronologies of the events relating to the french revolution, or the names of some of the characters and places in my stories, it is all there. I also keep track of word count from time to time, especially of the ‘good days’.

Version control of drafts is also very important. I try to backup every few days (probably need to be more vigilent with that though!

What are some of your favourite tips for organising your work?