Creating and marketing your box set #writing #book #boxset #marketing

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I definitely need to tap into the following advice when I set up my first box set. There are many articles out there that explain why box sets are a good idea and how to maximize their marketing potential. Here is one of the best:

Bookbub article

Do you have a box set currently available? Has that worked well for you? What are your best tips?

Planning a price promotion on your series? Which book should you choose? #writing #writers #book #promotion #book #series


As an author of one published and one soon-to-be-published series of books, I have been planning to choose one of the books to promote my first series (probably a giveaway) and was wondering which one to use. I was thinking of going with the second book in my Deception series (‘Lie to me’), but the stats suggest otherwise. This is a really useful article on the subject…